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Improve Productivity and Profitability with BIM Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is increasingly becoming an important tool in construction projects these days. BIM is a 3D visualization tool that manages data from design to construction. It enables architects, contractors and other professionals to make right use of information and 3D models in a project to ensure nothing goes wrong during the building process. It helps in moving projects from the design desks to reality. There are two main benefits of BIM in the construction industry including improved productivity and greater profitability.

But how does a BIM service improve productivity and profitability in construction projects?

Efficient Designing and Analysis: With BIM, it is easy to create 3D models, visualize designs better, produce construction drawings quickly and perform structural and sustainability analysis. It helps to plan and optimize the order placement and distribution of different building materials in a more efficient way. It also makes providing cost estimations for the building project simpler for construction professionals.

Improves Communication and Decreases Re-works: Often communication gap between designers and those who execute the project leads to operational inefficiency. This is where building information modeling services come into play. It fills in the gap of information sharing and overall coordination. Designers, engineers and building operators can prepare all necessary CAD drawings and documents for construction using single BIM management system to ensure greater quality of work and zero errors.

Greater Control over Construction Scheduling and Cost Estimation: BIM plays an important role in planning and managing construction activities within scheduled time and costs. BIM enabled 3D constructible models provide contractors to explore best possible options before the actual execution of the project. BIM integrates 2D and 3D data to provide accurate quantity estimates in a short period of time. Multiple versions of the cost plans can be created according to the changing project designs using BIM 5D services. This helps contractors and project planners to have higher control over construction scheduling and cost estimations.

Reduces Project Costs: When BIM is used as a single point of reference by every professional related to the project, it cuts down the time required for reviewing cross-reference drawings, making changes and bringing consistency in the designs. This way productivity and quality of work both increase, leading to reduction in construction time and costs.

Helps You Achieve Sustainability Goals: Sixth-dimensional building information modeling (6D-BIM) helps you perform energy consumption analyses and more accurate energy estimates. 6D-BIM can be used to analyze, evaluate, and verify energy efficiency in buildings to help you achieve sustainability goals for green building design.

Helps in Facility Management: The utilization of the seventh dimension of BIM (7D) can result in better and efficient management of a facility throughout its life cycle. 7D-BIM technology helps in streamlining asset life cycle management over time and provides processes for extracting & tracking supplier data, component status, warranty data, operation manuals and other specifications related to facility maintenance.

BIM drafting and designing services bring about immense benefits to the architecture and construction industry in terms of improved productivity, timely project delivery, greater profitability, accurate cost estimations, sustainability and facility management. Handling the work in-house involves training time & costs, software costs, hardware upgrade costs and much more. Outsourcing BIM services costs up to 60% less compared to using in-house facilities for the same. Your outsourcing partner in BIM assures you to provide better quality at low cost and also complete the job well ahead of the scheduled time. Thus, the cost, time, and quality advantages of outsourcing BIM drafting and designing services give you a competitive edge in the market and you can stay ahead of your competitors. Hence, construction companies, builders and architects are finding outsourcing BIM work more advantageous than handling it in-house.